Barista Course


A barista course and certification which covers the theory and practice of everything to do with modern espresso and cafe work.



Our Barista Course is a detailed online and practical course that deals with every aspect of becoming a proficient barista.

How It Works:

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email with your online profile. Your profile will give you free lifetime access to the Barista One online course. You will need to complete all the lessons of Barista One before the practical session that you have booked. (+- 20 Hours worth of material.)

Once you have finished the online course, you will be ready for the practical training and after some practice, the Baseline examination.

There will be a practical training and practice session on the Friday, where we will allow each participant plenty of machine time to get a hang of pulling espresso shots and texturing milk.

If any attendee feels that they need more practice, they can book a 3 hour practice session here before attempting the Baseline Test, at an arranged date.



Additional information

Dates 2020-02-14, 2020-02-15, 2020-03-13, 2020-03-14, 2020-04-10, 2020-04-11


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