About Us.

Sugarbird Coffee Co. is a Specialty coffee roastery situated at the foot of the Outeniqua mountains in George.

Coming from the restaurant and fine dining industry, Stefan always had a taste for good quality, delicious products. Sugarbird Coffee Co. is an extension of that passion. What started as a small Café Roastery with 3 baristas, quickly grew into a large collection of coffee shops. The roastery quickly outgrew the coffee shop, and we opened up a separate Roastery: Sugarbird Coffee Co, separate from the coffee shop. Currently, we are a team of more than 20 that work hard to bring you a delicious cup of coffee, every day. Whether you visit one of our own coffee shops, or one our wholesale customers, you can be sure to find great coffee!

As a specialty coffee roastery, we only source high quality, specialty grade beans. This means that our coffees all score above 80 points on the Specialty Coffee Association scale (SCAA). We take great care to roast each bean to it’s full potential, bringing out the best in each origin.

You can find our beans here, or get in touch here.

Roasted Coffee Beans