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Red espresso is premium rooibos tea refined under patent to an espresso grind similar to coffee, and produced for use in espresso and coffee appliances. Expressed, it delivers a strong, rich-tasting red espresso, complete with a crema that is the pure essence of rooibos. In this concentrated expression, red espresso is richer in flavour, darker in colour and higher in antioxidants than regular rooibos tea.

  • 100% rooibos tea enjoyed like coffee
  • Can be used in the same way that ground coffee is, in espresso machines*, moka pots, French presses and coffee machines

Just like coffee, red espresso is best when prepared using an espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker. Using steam and boiling water under pressure, both appliances extract a clean, rich taste that is the pure essence of Rooibos and deliver a crema unique to red espresso.

*For use in Espresso machines, you’ll need the Red Espresso Filter Basket



  • No caffeine
  • Five times more antioxidants than green tea
  • Smooth, full-bodied, rich taste
  • Makes a range of delicious drinks
  • 100% natural
  • Contains no preservatives, colourants or additives
  • Sourced at the highest altitude
  • Wild grown and hand-harvested in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa from a single estate
  • 12g of tea prepares a 100ml serving
  • Grind may vary due to the nature of Rooibos


  • 100% Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis)
  • Biodiversity certified, environmentally friendly


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